Antimatter’s Evolution into Bitune: A Perspective from Within

3 min readJan 1, 2024


As Antimatter, we embarked on a journey into the realm of blockchain, exploring the uncharted territories of DeFi. Our initial vision was broad, but purposefully aiming to contribute to the diverse facets of the DeFi and NFT landscape. However, as time unfolded, so did the dynamics of the crypto space, prompting a profound reflection on our purpose and trajectory.

The Decision to Pivot

Antimatter, characterized by its rapid output of product after product with relentless innovation, demanded a shift in focus. Bitcoin emerges as the focal point of our pivot. We believe we’ve identified a market gap in the crypto space, recognizing the absence of a creative studio harnessing the full programmability of Bitcoin to innovate with the regular upgrades to the network. It is time to redirect our resources toward the heart of the crypto universe. We as Bitune will focus on producing quality BTC products of tomorrow, following the latest trends and standards.

The Birth of Bitune

Bitune signifies more than just a change in nomenclature. It embodies our commitment to harmony — a synchronization of our efforts with the fundamental essence of Bitcoin. The name itself, a fusion of “Bitcoin” and “Tune,” encapsulates our dedication to fine-tune the potential of Bitcoin, ensuring the recent advancements in programmability (Taproot, MAST, timelocks, BRC-20) are properly made use of and explored to its fullest.

The transition from Antimatter to Bitune is also a cosmetic overhaul. It represents a profound internal evolution, a reassessment of our purpose, and a strategic repositioning.

Antimatter thrived on community engagement, and this ethos continues with Bitune. We understand the vitality of community input in shaping the trajectory of a project. Bitune is not just a development initiative; it’s a collective endeavor where ideas are exchanged, and collaboration thrives.

Introducing BitSig: Realizing Satoshi’s Vision

At the core of Bitune’s transformative journey is our inaugural product, BitSig — an innovative Bitcoin-native multi-signature custody solution with EVM cross-chain communication. BitSig empowers teams, DAOs, and institutions to create and manage Bitcoin multi-signature wallets, bringing us closer to realizing Satoshi’s true vision of Bitcoin as a store of value.

Key Features of BitSig:

  1. Cross-Chain Integration: BitSig is designed to be operated through “mirror contracts” on an EVM of choice. The compatibility with EVM wallets offers flexibility to users within the broader blockchain ecosystem.
  2. Multi-Signature Custody: BitSig leverages the power of multi-signature technology, enhancing security by requiring multiple private keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. This approach aligns with the principles of decentralization and trustlessness.
  3. Facilitating Team Collaboration: Tailored for teams, DAOs, and institutions, BitSig enables efficient collaboration by allowing multiple stakeholders to collectively manage Bitcoin holdings.
  4. Satoshi’s Vision: BitSig embodies the essence of Bitcoin as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. By facilitating secure, collaborative, and decentralized management of Bitcoin, BitSig contributes to the realization of Bitcoin’s core principles as a true store of value.

How it works (in short)

BitSig vaults utilize Bitcoin taproot multi-sig technology, supporting up to 999 signatories. Each signatory has a customizable voting power to reach the unlocking threshold for fund withdrawal. The vault initiator sets up the vault natively on Bitcoin by deploying a Taproot script, defining signatories, voting power, and unlocking parameters. BitSig uses an EVM network chosen by the initiator for data coordination, with a mirror contract facilitating events. Signatories interact with mirror contracts via Web3 wallets, this means there is no direct interaction with the Bitcoin network. Mature withdrawal proposals trigger Bitcoin transactions through mirrored signatures in the vault contract’s witness field.

As Bitune continues to evolve, BitSig serves as the vanguard, leading the charge in realizing the full potential of Bitcoin. Stay tuned, as BitSig is set to usher in a new era in Bitcoin custody and collaboration.

What to expect

At Bitune, we’re dedicated to shaping the future of Bitcoin products. Expect practical and innovative solutions that prioritize security and accessibility. Our upcoming releases, including experimentation with the BRC-20 token standard and the Lightning Network, aim to set new standards in the industry. We’re committed to making Bitcoin more user-friendly and inclusive. Stay tuned for a straightforward and impactful Bitcoin experience with Bitune.