$MATTER on Arbitrum (ETH L2) | Official Bridge Guide

3 min readOct 4, 2021

Just now, our $MATTER token has been bridged and is now live on the Arbitrum Network. You can now bridge your $MATTER token from the Ethereum Network (L1) to the Arbitrum Network (L2) to enjoy the scalability and low gas fee benefits.

We are excited for this integration, especially when it happens before our incoming Mainnet launch on Oct 8th, as it can ensure our users can enjoy the benefits of layer 2 at launch. We hope this integration will further increase the usability and ease of use of AntiMatter.

How to bridge your $MATTER from Ethereum Network (L1) to Arbitrum Network (L2)

Official Arbitrum Bridge Website: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/

Before you begin:

  • You must have $MATTER in a MetaMask or other supported wallets in the Ethereum Network
  • You must have the Arbitrum Network chain configured in your MetaMask (or whichever wallet you uses) setting. Here is the configuration guide if you haven’t already done so. https://medium.com/stakingbits/guide-to-arbitrum-and-setting-up-metamask-for-arbitrum-543e513cdd8b **This guide is not written by us and should be used at your own risk.
  • You will need some ETH for transaction fees
  • $MATTER Ethereum Contract Address: 0x9b99cca871be05119b2012fd4474731dd653febe
  • $MATTER Arbitrum One Contract Address: 0xaaa62d9584cbe8e4d68a43ec91bff4ff1fadb202
  • Give the website authorization to your wallet

(1) On the website, click on [Token] to select $MATTER. If you can’t find it, type in [MATTER] or our contract address at the [Search for token] bar. Please make sure the Token address displayed is correct before proceeding to the next step.

(2) Click [Deposit], [Deposit], [Approve] the transaction in your wallet. You should see processing at the bottom and your transaction ID.

(3) Another transaction should pop up in your wallet. [Approve] it again. You should now see at the bottom labelled “deposit-L1” transaction and “deposit-L2” transaction and their transaction IDs.

(4) When the deposit-L2 transaction status says successful, you can go to the Arbitrum Network in your wallet. Add the $MATTER token to your wallet by clicking [Add Token] at the bottom and entering the Arbitrum Contract Address of $MATTER (see above). You should now see the $MATTER token in your wallet.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 cryptocurrency platform that makes smart contracts scalable, fast, and private. Arbitrum interoperates closely with Ethereum, so Ethereum developers can easily cross-compile their contracts to run on Arbitrum. Arbitrum achieves these goals through a unique combination of incentives, network protocol design, and virtual machine architecture.

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About AntiMatter

Antimatter is a hub for decentralized on-chain financial products (such as derivatives and financial NFTs). One of our first innovations is the non-oracle based perpetual options. Being community driven, innovative and simple forms the core of AntiMatter.

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