The Seamless Transition from $MATTER to $TUNE Token

2 min readJan 3, 2024


The transition from the old $MATTER token to the new $TUNE token. This move represents a strategic decision to enhance the platform’s capabilities and go hand-in-hand with the new identity of Bitune. There are multiple ways to execute the swap:

If you hold your tokens on KuCoin, they will complete the $MATTER to the $TUNE token swap automatically. KuCoin will take snapshots of users’ MATTER assets at 16:00:00 on January 4, 2024 (UTC) and convert them to $TUNE at a ratio of 1:1.

More details:

The exchange will also support the swap similarly at a later date.

If you have your $MATTER in your wallet on Ethereum Network, starting today, you can swap your tokens at a ratio of 1:1 here:

If your tokens are on B2, you will have to first bridge them to Ethereum Network using this bridge:

Guide on using the bridge:

The swap page we provide is available indefinitely, so you do not need to rush. How long will support a token swap is unclear at this moment.

❗Apart from these options there is currently no other form to execute the token swap. Please be aware of potential scams. The only valid $TUNE token address is: 0x1Fac00CceE478eCeD6A120a50Ed2Ab28EE7FE32b

The Token Swap

The token swap from $MATTER to $TUNE is a carefully planned and executed process designed to ensure minimal disruption to users and maintain the continuity of the platform’s tokenomics.

Maintained Tokenomics:

One of the crucial aspects of the token swap is that the fundamental tokenomics remain unchanged. The transition from $MATTER to $TUNE does not alter the core economic principles governing the ecosystem.